Meat Products

American Guinea Hog (Pork Meat)
Soay Sheep (Lamb Meat)

If you are interested in purchasing a 1/2 or whole hog or lamb. Both the hogs and sheep were bread at our farm and have been feed to assure good health and top quality meat.

We require a deposit for a hog or lamb purchase. The deposit is no less than 50% of the total processed meat purchase. The final payment cost will vary depending on the hanging weight of the animal. Prices are FOB our farm near Fort Lupton, Colorado. No shipping or delivery is included.

Whole Hog (pork)

$225 deposit

Half a Hog (pork)

$100 deposit

Whole Lamb

$100 deposit

Half a Lamb

$50 deposit

If you opt out of the “Special Delivery,” you may pick up your meat order at the  Urban Homestead Farmer’s Market, located at 200 North Sante Fe Rd. in Denver.

Special Delivery (Denver Metro)

Flat rate of $20 per order

Before sending in your deposit. Please contact us to verify that we have a hog or lamb available.  Send an email to: