Karen A. McDowell



Here are some things I like about your farm.

It has been a lot of fun buying fresh products from Colorado Wise Acre Farm at Denver Urban Homesteading!

The fresh eggs have been a real favorite of my family!

When I was a little girl, I would go to my grandmother’s house, where I loved to feed the chickens and gather fresh eggs from the hen’s nests. The taste is so good when the eggs are fresh! It also helps me feel that I as an omnivore am doing my part to be as kind to animals as possible.

The way I prepare eggs is to cook diced fresh onions and red bell peppers, with sliced fresh mushrooms in the microwave oven for a minute or two, and then add the eggs and a little bit of sour cream and shredded cheese and cook them in intervals of 45 seconds, stirring in between till puffy. This is a fun, easy meal with toast and fruit juice! Also it provides protein and other nutrients.

In fact, my mouth is watering now!

At any rate, I really enjoy talking to Margaret, who answers questions about what their hens, sheep, and pigs eat, how the four-legged animals are slaughtered [in the one humane slaughterhouse in the state], and what various individual animals do on the farm, often in a humorous way, but always in a gentle and kind way.

The hand-crafted soaps are now a big favorite of mine. I find they make terrific hostess gifts. I took a package of Christmas soaps to a family party, and the hostess was so happy she literally ran around putting the soaps out for people to use!

Now I am interested in purchasing the meat. We are really enjoying the pork sausage, and I plan to try some of the other pork next.

Denver Urban Homesteading is really a new adventure, and I especially like Wise Acre Farm and heartily recommend it.

Karen A. McDowell